Services for Business

Services for Business

Real Estate

Bolhouse, Hofstee & McLean offers its business clients a full range of real estate services. Our 30 years of commercial real estate experience ensures complete and accurate document preparation, proper recording of documents, and handling of liens and encumbrances. Our attorneys are experienced in zoning laws, land use restrictions, Land Division Act, architectural and engineering analysis, and due diligence requirements. Our primary goal is to help our clients reach their goals while ensuring that their business' intereHofsteee protected.

We understand the business issues of real estate transactions in addition to the legal issues involved. Our clients include developers, contractors, insurance companies, brokers, title companies, banks and other financial institutions.

Comprehensive real estate services for business clients include:

  • Purchase, Sale and Exchange of Property, including 1031 Like-kind Exchanges
  • Preparation of Leases, Land Contracts, Deeds, Options and Easements
  • Foreclosure and Forfeiture of Land Contracts
  • Mortgage Foreclosures
  • Site Development and Financing
  • Zoning and Land Use Planning
  • Land Division Act
  • Mortgage Transactions
  • Title Review and Recording
  • Construction Liens and Enforcement
  • Condominium Formation and Amendments
  • Riparian Rights Issues and Litigation
  • Title Disputes and Defense of Title
  • Assessment Disputes
  • Tax Issues in Real Estate Transactions



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