Nonprofit Law in Grandville, MI

A not-for-profit organization, simply stated, is a business that is "owned" by the public. Nonprofit organizations require the same level of expertise and support as for-profit organizations in the areas of business law, employment law, real estate law, tax issues, etc., as well as specialized knowledge in specific areas of law that pertain only to nonprofit organizations.

Our business law attorneys are experienced in providing counseling, transactional and if needed, litigation services to our nonprofit clients. In addition, attorney Jamie Vander Kolk has extensive experience in the area of nonprofit law and all its facets. Some of the administrative functions and compliance issues Jamie provides specialized nonprofit counsel to include:

  • Drafting Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Conflict of Interest Policies
  • Securing nonprofit corporate status in Michigan
  • Obtaining IRS EIN Number
  • Identifying the correct designation with the IRS, including filing for 501(c)3 status when appropriate
  • Form 1023 Preparation
  • Group exemption qualification for the IRS
  • Donor and restricted gift compliance
  • Board formation, governance and training for directors
  • DBA Registration
  • Strategic planning and fundraising
  • Planned Giving
  • Tax exemption issues for religious organizations